Rintaro Nomura


  • Undergraduate student (Computer Engineering) at McGill University (Montréal, Canada)
  • Interest (subject to change)
    • Computer and electronics in general
    • Web security
      • In terms of software delivery process: preventing the incident to a certain extent through design practice (more or less focused on know-how)
      • CTF, very good at *not* finding a flag 😇
    • Computer network
      • Always wanted to learn how to build a reliable network, but recently (2019) realized that I never really started to - now just started to study from the basic TCP/IP
  • Blog



  • QA/Security Engineer Intern at Cybozu, Inc. (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Joined a hackathon: McHacks 6 as a participant.



  • Moved to Montreal, Canada.
  • McGill University liked my high school transcript.


  • I was a high school student, but spent too much time at the video arcade.
  • Instead of getting a job, I was a random "repair guy" at the video arcade and getting paid by game tokens.


  • I went busy with playing Taiko at the video arcade.
  • Released several iOS apps and web apps including Chugaku-Kokugo (no longer available)